Welcome to the CAS Planning site

The CAS department chairs have discussed a variety of topics at our recent meetings that affect the planning for the future of the college.  Some of the ideas seem to be a next logical step for the college (e.g., what new programs should we be considering?), while other ideas are more robust and would require buy-in from a significant portion of the faculty in order to be implemented well (e.g., moving away from our “credit model”).  As such, the chairs are looking for input from the entire faculty.

In the interest of getting the discussions going sooner rather than later, we thought it might be a wise idea to share the topics with you through this site so that you can read the suggestions and comment up each of the six discussions topics we have written up. You can access each of the six topics from the set of links in the right sidebar, and please add any comments you may have to each of the sections. We are hoping that this acts as a means to generate conversation through transparency, and that it will further encourage discussion at upcoming department meetings and/or the senate meeting.

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